10 New Trailers of Movies You Definitely Might Want to See

It has been an attack of the new trailers time! these past two weeks with one or two teasers of upcoming movies coming out every few days or so.

It’s fun watching movie trailers. Some make you feel like you don’t need to dish out money for the movie since its teaser just gave the plot away in two minutes or less. Some would make you say out loud, “What the heck did I just watch?”. Some are just plain good they pump you with excitement to see the film only to realize that an awesome trailer is not a guarantee the movie will be awesome, too. Then there are some that just have bad trailers they turn you off from the movies they’re about only to find out later on that these movies were really good and the trailers were just bad advertising.

So, I watched all these new movie trailers which recently cam out and here are the few that piqued my interest.

Sausage Party

Yes, it’s an animated movie. No, it’s not for kids.

As a matter of fact, it’s RED which means it’s RESTRICTED . . . FOR ADULTS ONLY . . . that kind of thing. The film’s title may be derived from a crude penis joke but it’s not talking about whoever’s genitalia. The title’s literal — it’s about food. If you look at it, it’s a horror movie . . . for foods.

The trailer’s hilarious and it’s got a full cast of comedic actors and actresses. These elements combined with the “taboo” that it’s an animated movie but not for kids make this one so interesting.


Release Date: August 12