5 Things You Need To Prepare Before Mountain Climbing

Do you want to go mountain climbing? Is it going to be the first time? Are you excited? Perhaps a little scared thinking of so many things that could happen along the way. I feel you. I am an adventurer myself but most of the time I venture to places in my imagination. Taking my first ever mountain climbing scared the nerve out of me. Why? Because I was unprepared and just joined the group because I wanted to take my adventure in real life and not just in my dreams.

After that first experience, I told myself that my next hike should be planned and well prepared. It was not easy and anything could really happen up there. So with the help of some mountaineers and help books, I came up with this beginner’s guide to mounting climbing.

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1. Be physically and mentally prepared

Climbing requires the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Make sure to consult your doctor about your plan especially if you have any medical condition. You need to exercise and increase your cardiovascular workouts. Set your mind and be determined to conquer every varied terrain and high elevations.