8 Things Soon-To-Be and New Fathers Need to Know

Dear, Fathers [We’re speaking to you, first-time dad or soon-to-be one],

Fatherhood is both a joy and a pain, both very fun and very tiring. We wish babies come with personal manuals much like our electronic gadgets have; manuals would have made baby-rearing so much easier. But since taking care of a baby is pretty much an OJT [on-the-job training], we, seasoned parents, feel you need to know these 8 things that we hoped we had known when we were on your shoes.

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If you think your baby was from out-of-this-world, you were not alone in that thought.

Newborn babies are not as cute as we believe they are. They come out all wrinkly, eyes that look like they’ve been punched countless times, rather skinny and usually, with elongated heads. Don’t think you’re already a bad parent for thinking your little kid looked like the man from outer space. We thought the same, too.

You’ll see the cute baby soon — once he/she is all filled up. Give it a few weeks time.

And oh, while the bond is almost instantaneous when it comes to mothers [of course, they’re the ones who literally did the carrying for nine months], many seasoned dads agree with us that for fathers, it takes time to get there. Just be patient and do everything with regards to your little one with love.