Men’s Lingerie: Are They Something You Will Wear?

When we say lingerie, we usually think about sexy, generally skimpy, lacy underwear and nighties designed for WOMEN. However, that is not already the case as MEN’S LINGERIE is on the rise. Frilly and lacy are not exclusively for female use anymore. Even bras!

Launched way back in 2008, Australian-based HommeMystere is a company that makes sexy lingerie for men. If you browse through their website, you’ll find intimate pieces – ranging from undies to camisoles – that look exactly like something a woman would wear but are designed to fit a man’s body. HommeMystere, which just recently branched online, even carries bras for men called manssieres.

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When asked how they came up with the idea for their company, label creators Brent and Lara Krause said that while women have a very wide range of options, style-wise, when it comes to intimates, men’s choices when it comes to underwear are very limited. Their goal for starting HommeMystere was to amend that.

As written on the company’s website, “Our goal has always been to offer an alternative style of underwear for men, based on their physique rather than their sexuality”.

Described by its creators as a niche product [described as “either you hate it or you don’t], the company’s sales are growing fast year after year with the US making the bulk of it with 70%. Australia, along with Canada and UK, make up the remaining 25% with Europe taking the last 5%.

And while you may think that company is mainly serving the LGBT community, you’ll be surprised as to who’s the standard customer of the sexy man-gerie [the urban term for sexy undergarment made specifically for men] shop, online and in-store.

“The profile of our standard customer based on our research is probably a guy who’s married or in a relationship with a woman, aged between 40 – 60 and likes a bit of lingerie but doesn’t tell his wife and just indulged from time to time. The gay market isn’t a big buyer for us,” Brent said in an interview with Yahoo some few years back.

Brent has made it clear though that they’re making lingerie for guys, being straight or gay is of no concern. The “attractive luxury underwear” of HommeMystere is for any man’s use.

As a matter of fact, a survey they conducted discovered that about 90% of their clients are in a heterosexual relationship. Additionally, HommeMystere’s ads feature male models wearing company-made lingerie gamely posing with women.

Reasons behind the development and rise of men’s lingerie in recent times vary. Some say that men love to wear these lacy, satiny intimates because lingerie, at its roots, were made primarily for women [though the French from where the word originated use the word to pertain to both sexes’ undergarments]; wearing something that’s taboo just spices things up, right?

Others argue that lingerie are very light and comfortable to wear and something like these shouldn’t just be made available to women [gender equality, everyone?].

Whatever the motivations behind wearing these sexy man-gerie are, I see this as a thing not for everyone. Personally, while some of the designs worked for me, many of the items I saw while browsing through HommeMystere just made my brows shot up sky-high.

That said, if frilly and lacy men’s lingerie aren’t your thing, there are still a lot of sexy man-gerie [minus all the lace, frills and the likes] available that fit your tastes.

Just an added thought, even the late hardened WWII British Prime Minister Winston Churchill loved wearing undies made of pale pink satin. That’s something to ponder on.