Second Trailer for Captain America: Civil War is Out [And Spidey’s in It!]

Five, watching the trailer is just heartbreaking. And it’s making decision-making so hard. Which team to root for? While Tony has Spidey, Vision, Black Panther, War Machine and Black Widow, Cap has Ant-Man [with that bad-ass scene where he was at the tip of Hawkeye’s arrow], Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Bucky and Falcon.

The feel’s just so heavy in the scene where Scarlet Witch takes on Vision. They’re married in the comics and to see them fighting against each other just seem so off. And don’t get me started on Black Widow. Why is she siding with Tony when two of her closest friends, Cap himself and Hawkeye, are on the other side?

As this is presumed to be the last trailer for Captain America: Civil War until its premiere come May, we’ll just have to hold our breaths until then and see how all these will unravel.