Second Trailer for Captain America: Civil War is Out [And Spidey’s in It!]

Four, speaking of Peter Parker, “Hey, everyone”, the two words this new Spider-man uttered, could just become Quote of the Year. We all heard his voice, so far removed from the two previous actors who played the said character. It’s just so teenager-y. In fairness, many fans came to the Web Slinger’s defense saying that this portrayal is the one true to the comics. This young superhero, who may still have a curfew back at home, and Ant-Man may be in aptain America: Civil War to provide the light side of an otherwise dark-themed movie.

One more thing, did Tony Stark’s call Spidey “Underoos!” or “On the roof!”?

I was pretty sure I heard the latter and that would have been an obvious call as Spidey is a roof crawler but many sites are saying it’s the former. Either way, both calls fit. Underoos is a brand of underwear worn by kids. Given Stark’s penchant for snarky jokes, it may be his way of poking fun at the young superhero, them being adults and him basically a teenager.

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