Know the Top Six Risks to Men’s Health [You Might be Suffering from One]

4. Depression and Suicide

Many health experts previously believed that depression and suicide cases are high in women; this is not exactly true. While there’s a high percentage of women who think of ending their lives by means of suicide, there’s a high percentage of men who are more likely to die with it. This is because women have the tendency to use nonviolent forms to carry out their attempts like overdosing. On the other hand, men make use of guns and hanging — forms that are more likely to result in one’s death.¬†Additionally, unlike women, men are more prone to hide their feelings, thus, their depressions often go unnoticed.

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Depression is more than just feeling low. It’s an emotional disturbance that affects a person’s overall health. Energy levels, appetite and sleep all go askew. As a matter of fact, it has been discovered that individuals who suffer from it are more likely to develop heart health problems.