Know the Top Six Risks to Men’s Health [You Might be Suffering from One]

Women live longer than men, that’s a fact.And while the life longevity gap among genders have shortened to an average of 5 to 6 years in recent years, that truth remains the same. As a matter of fact, according to Scientific American, within the 85-year-old age bracket, there are only four men for every six women alive.

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While there are many factors at play behind this fact, one major reason health experts point out is that men tend to downplay their health. Women tend to complain about ill health and visit a doctor more often. However, men don’t.  As one medical doctor puts it, as long as men feel they’re just doing fine and are actually living up to their roles in the society, then, their health is not at risk, too.

But even if you are feeling at the prime of your health, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of the health dangers that may just be lurking around the corners of your life. That said, here are the top six health risks mainly found in men.

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