12 Interesting Things We Get from the “Suicide Squad” Blitz Trailer!

Yup, Batman’s in the movie. He actually has a few scenes in this trailer. Sources say he’s part of Harley Quinn’s back story.

And speaking of back stories, Harley Quinn’s not the only one to get one in the Suicide Squad. We also get to see how June Moone became the Enchantress based on these scene.

The Blitz trailer ends with the Suicide Squad [minus Slipknot whose most likely dead by this time] in an empty bar taking time out. Accordingly, this was part of the reshoots the film team did to make the movie less dark and funnier.

So, with these new reveals and these reshoots, does the Suicide Squad still have a spot in your must watch movies’ list? Since the movie’s still long time coming, contend yourself with the blitz trailer, though. Who knows, you might discover more interesting finds.