12 Interesting Things We Get from the “Suicide Squad” Blitz Trailer!

Jared Leto’s Joker is mob boss Joker with all his golden bling, silvery teeth and green-hued sleek hair. This gun-wearing Joker is different but not in a bad way, as most fans say. And that’s a score to the interesting list of the Suicide Squad film. After all, isn’t being interested the thing that makes us want to go and see a movie?

While Harley welds a bat in a number of Suicide Squad scenes, in this one scene in the trailer, she has her original weapon of choice in hand: a giant mallet complete with a smiley face. Badass!

Unlike the first two Suicide Squad trailers, Katana actually gets a few close-ups in this one. In one scene we get to see her kick-ass costume, in another, her actually kicking the bad guys’ asses and of course, here, we get see her kick-ass weapon up close. Katana’s katana is the Soultaker. This sword takes the souls of those it kills and stores them in itself. No wonder Katana’s part of the psychos. She has her inner demons to contend to.