12 Interesting Things We Get from the “Suicide Squad” Blitz Trailer!

There are a lot of going-ons between this scene and the picture above. Here, we get to see who the Suicide Squad are fighting against and they’re not humans. That’s Captain Boomerang, by the way, killing the bad guys all the while clutching a stuffed unicorn [his lucky charm, perhaps?].

The Enchantress [Cara Delevigne] comes out about mid-teaser with Joker’s laughter in the background making El Diablo stop short and Harley Quinn murmur “Uh-oh . . .”.

While many sources say the main villain in the Suicide Squad is the Enchantress, this scene is a shoutout that the Joker will be playing antagonist as well. One obvious fact supporting this: we don’t get to see these two when the whole Suicide Squad is pictured together. Will the Joker be in cohorts with Cara’s character? And what twists will there be given that he and Harley Quinn share a romantic history?