12 Interesting Things We Get from the “Suicide Squad” Blitz Trailer!

Warner Bros. has recently released a new trailer for its Suicide Squad movie, the third teaser for the antihero [more like villain-filled] film that’s set to premiere this August. Dubbed Blitz by the company, it’s pretty filled with interesting things. Here’s a few I found [in a not so chronological order].

We hear a slow-mo-type of the new Joker’s [Jared Leto] sinister laugh with a spine-tingling scream in the end that you would imagine a demented psycho like him would let out when he’s about to torture his victim [eckkk!]. And this remaking of the Warner Bros. logo in his and Harley Quin’s colors kind of give off the vibe that these two play major roles in this movie. Of course, we know Harley’s part of the nefarious gang but how about the Joker? Could he be, as what others surmised, the antagonist? More on that later.

This government man here delivered this piece: “Gentlemen, ladies, what if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House and grab the president right out of the Oval office? Who would’ve stopped him?” 


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