Ghostbusters Reboot is Receiving All the Hate

Sony recently released the trailer for its Ghostbusters reboot and it’s receiving all the hate.

When Sony let the Ghosbusters 2016 trailer out last week, it reached a number of milestones within a 24-hour period. For one, ListenFirst media counted over 24 million views in Youtube and Facebook for the movie trailer within the 24 house since it was outed. That record surpassed that of another upcoming movie trailer with a comeback theme, Independence Day: Resurgence which was viewed 12 million times upon release as well as the trailer for The Legend of Tarzan [movies with the Tarzan numbers to more than 40] which had 8 million views on its first 24 hours.

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However, the new Ghostbusters also ended up with another milestone — [arguably] being the most disliked trailer ever posted in Youtube.

To date, the movie’s Youtube trailer has over 23,900,000 million views with a 185,759 – 426,743 record. Sadly, the former’s the likes and the latter number denotes the dislikes.

How could one trailer – and movie – gets this so much hate?

Many people, including the Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig and main character Kristen Wiig, believe that the hate all stems out from the change in the movie’s main cast. When it was announced  that the upcoming offering has an all-female lead, far removed from its predeccesors’ all-male one, it was met with a very loud backlash.

And now, a number of articles say out right that this is, and might be, the reason why this movie’s receiving all these negative vibes, to think that it’s only the first trailer and the whole picture itself!

Personal Take

I personally believe that yes, a number of the dislikes may have come from the misogynistic fanboys of the original Ghostbusters. Based on the nasty Youtube comments of the upcoming reboot’s trailer, that’s a fact.

However, I also personally believe that not all dislikes stemmed out from the “men can do comedy better than women” mentality most articles about the upcoming movie point fingers to as the culprit to all the hate it’s getting.

I watched the old Ghostbusters movies as a kid and both left quite an impression in me — my dislike for everything slimy and peanut butter [though I’m kind of getting over the latter and rediscovering how tasty peanut butter really is]. I also loved them [though watching them with adult eyes was an entirely different experience but the funny factor was still there].

Watching the originals and now the trailer of the reboot made me think how Hollywood must have lost a good chunk of its creativity to really make all these recurring theme movies. I wondered what new factors will this new one be offering? It has all the Ghostbuster-y elements in it mixed with some things new but somehow, it’s all coming to me lamely. Maybe this is because I have watched these elements in the two movies this new offering was based from and sometimes, mixing something old with something new just isn’t a good idea.

Second thing is, it’s riddled with stereotypes. While defenders of the movie hotly say that the new Ghostbusters is judged unfairly on the basis of gender stereotypes, it’s not without the issue in itself. Leslie Jones’ character in the picture was placed on the hot seat a number of times due to it being a stereotype of a black woman [read a take on this issue here] — too loud and, though street-smart, doesn’t hold any academic accolades as that of the white leads.

I gave the new Ghostbusters a thumbs down not because I’m a misogynist and an anti-feminism advocate. I just simply don’t like it.

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