“Dr. Strange” Trailer is Out and It’s Mighty . . . Strange!

This one, is again, so similar to the premise of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman. We see various characters at play here.

We have the Baron Mordo[Chiwetel Ejiofor] who, according to comic book fans, really is the arch-nemesis of Doctor Strange. However here, as we are dealing with the origin story of Marvel Universe’s supreme sorcerer, he may be playing the role of an ally here.

The teaser seems to insinuate that it is the Baron Mordo who leads the doctor to The Ancient One, the character who teaches him the hidden arts of magic.

Another major character in this movie is The Ancient One played by a bald Tilda Swinton. Fans earlier cried foul on this casting saying that an Asian man would have been the perfect person for the character as the setting and background of the character is, obviously, Asian. However, we all have to make do with Miss Swinton. Seeing this badass scene, I think fans should rejoice that she’s giving it justice. But what do I know? As I said, I haven’t encountered the Doctor Strange story outside of this film’s premise.

The teaser gives us a short clip starring the movie’s villain who looks like he’s a great sorcerer with the way he twisted and turned his surroundings into a kaleidoscope of sorts. The name of the villain remains unknown until now. Based on the clip, though, he looks sinisterly good.

And he did find his identity: he was meant to be a sorcerer, apparently.