“Dr. Strange” Trailer is Out and It’s Mighty . . . Strange!

The first trailer of the upcoming superhero movie Doctor Strange recently debuted and personally, watching it felt like I was on a LSD trip or something. 

Benedict Cumberbatch personally introduced the first trailer to his Marvel movie Doctor Strange in Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and since its outing last April 12, it has been viewed over 3 million times. I contributed 10 views to this number. Yes, that’s how many times I watched it — over and over not because it grabbed me the first time I watched it. yes, it did grab my attention but in the LSD-trippy kind. It felt like I was on drugs watching it . . . really.

Before you judge me, though, you’ve got to cut me some slack. I’m not a serious comic book fan [all I can boast is a 20-comic book collection consisting mainly of X-Men]. This makes me one of the legions of moviegoers who don’t know Doctor Strange outside of the movie and any snippets regarding it. For Marvel, it’s a risk they’re taking, banking on something that’s not household name as compared to Captain America, Iron Man or even The Incredible Hulk. But hey, it did go amazingly well for Guardians of the Galaxy, right? Doctor Strange looks to be on a more serious not, though, compared to the former.

Anyway, here’s what I understand [so far] about the Doctor Strange plot line based on the teaser:

Doctor Stephen Strange got involved in a freak car accident that mangled his hands.

The doctor’s hands are his greatest assets. Accordingly in the comic books, he’s a renowned neurosurgeon. So, losing his hands mean a great deal. Apparently, he also lost his identity after the accident.

Heavy weight is placed on his struggle on what he was before and what he became after the accident. This premise quite similar to Tony Stark’s story; both characters have to deal with the disabilities fate dealt with them. Contrasts are seemingly offered between Doctor Strange’s life before the accident occurred and after it in these shots.

And because he lost his identity, he searched the four corners of the world to find it.

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