Guy Cuts Down Tree, But There’s A Surprise Inside [VIDEO]

Some people are scared of bugs and flies. Some are terrified of anything that crawls. And even if this lumberjack isn’t scared of anything, we’re pretty sure he’s surprised when he finally finishes off cutting this tree. Woahhhhh!

Burger King Staff Smashed All Glass Windows After A Prank Call [VIDEO]

What would you do if you’re working in Burger King and someone calls saying they’re from a gas company and you have to smash your window because of “pressure”? We might have different answers but the burger king staff fell for this prank call and went on smashing windows! We wonder what happened next!

Jurassic Carpark [VIDEO]

What would you do if you see a dinosaur in a carpark? Scream? Run and hide? Well this video will show you different reactions from different people. It’s scary, cool and way too funny!

Jedi Force Prank [VIDEO]

Pranks can be many things but this one is one of the best I have seen. It’s just a simple Jedi Force Prank but the people’s reactions were funny! Most of it were “omg-what-just-happened?” kind of reaction which is probably what my reaction will be if it was me. My favorite response when he said he’s a Jedi on training was one girl’s answer to him. Watch the video to know what she said!

Solemn Tornado Broadcast Interrupted by Dog on Lawnmower [VIDEO]

There’s always rainbow after a rain, they say. A rainbow doesn’t have to be a literal one, it can be anything that will bring a smile after something bad happened. And while this reporter was covering the after effects of a brutal tornado that hit Texas, she found something to raise the spirit of the audience. Watch the video to see a dog sitting on a lawn mower like the pup was driving it!

Girl Had The Loudest Fart Ever [VIDEO]

Between siblings, brothers are usually the ones who put their younger siblings in an embarrassing situation. But this time, this older sister is turning the table around and captured her younger brother’s reaction when she let out a loud fart. His reaction was priceless! His sister couldn’t stop laughing! And us too! Today, this video has over 3 million views!

Every Slam Poem Ever (Satire) [VIDEO]

Slam Poetry have become popular in the internet but this one clearly takes the cake. If you watch this video, you’ll know why this is better than the rest. With almost 600,000 views on YouTube, I think the internet has the same thoughts as us!

Little Girl Has A Funny Reaction To ‘Jaws’ Theme Music [VIDEO]

Movie soundtracks are usually very popular because they can make a good movie better especially if they are at par with the scenes. While this cute girl is not watching “Jaws”, the movie’s them music was played and she has this adorable reaction that’s funny! Like other people comments on the video, we hope this moment was captured in a landscape mode! But then again, it’s a great moment captured on video, we can’t complain.

Little Boy Says Food Is Too Cute To Eat [VIDEO]

Kids are cute. They usually say things seriously that comes out really funny. For this little boy, he doesn’t want to eat his food because it looks”too cute”. Awww. This cutie made our hearts melt and at the same time made us laugh especially when he asked his mom not to make his food look so cute! Just the cutest thing ever!

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Speech (Jimmy Fallon) [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon is a funny guy. But he gets even funnier when he impersonates Donald Trump! His expressions, gestures and jokes are on point and way too hilarious! You shouldn’t miss this video that garnered more than 100,000 after it was aired yesterday! On a side note, who’s your favorite Presidential candidate?

Dog Scared By Fart [VIDEO]

Strange sounds that are unfamiliar to us usually scares us. And it’s the same for this cute dog. He looks so comfy until he hears a fart sound. This video gained more than 2 million views today!

Dad Throws Giant Snowball at Kid [VIDEO]

Being a parent is not easy. But it also comes with a lot of perks (fun too!). And this dad might just have too much fun being a parent! Snowsports are fun, but throwing giant snowballs can be so much more! Watch this video and find out why it’s gained 1.2 million views on YouTube!

Mom vs Triplets + Toddler [VIDEO]

They say it’s not easy being a mother. And it’s really not. One kid is hard enough, two can be a handful but triplets with a toddler? This supermom made it look so easy changing her 8-month old triplets and hyperactive toddler! Kudos to this mom!

Maid of Honour Raps her Speech to ‘ICE ICE BABY’ at her sister’s wedding! AMAZING! [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard about wedding singers, and even ringers but have you heard the latest buzz about the wedding rapper? One woman, who was the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding, delivered a very unique way of wedding toast. It looked like a traditional wedding toast in the beginning of the video but the crowd went laughing and cheering when she started rapping! Her rhyming is contagious! If you listen closely to the lyrics, you’ll know why they couldn’t help but laugh!