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April 11th




Men’s Lingerie: Are They Something You Will Wear?

When we say lingerie, we usually think about sexy, generally skimpy, lacy underwear and nighties designed for WOMEN. However, that is not already the case as MEN’S LINGERIE is on the rise. Frilly and lacy are not exclusively for female use anymore. Even bras!

Launched way back in 2008, Australian-based HommeMystere is a company that makes sexy lingerie for men. If you browse through their website, you’ll find intimate pieces – ranging from undies to camisoles – that look exactly like something a woman would wear but are designed to fit a man’s body. HommeMystere, which just recently branched online, even carries bras for men called manssieres.

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When asked how they came up with the idea for their company, label creators Brent and Lara Krause said that while women have a very wide range of options, style-wise, when it comes to intimates, men’s choices when it comes to underwear are very limited. Their goal for starting HommeMystere was to amend that.

As written on the company’s website, “Our goal has always been to offer an alternative style of underwear for men, based on their physique rather than their sexuality”.

Described by its creators as a niche product [described as “either you hate it or you don’t], the company’s sales are growing fast year after year with the US making the bulk of it with 70%. Australia, along with Canada and UK, make up the remaining 25% with Europe taking the last 5%.

And while you may think that company is mainly serving the LGBT community, you’ll be surprised as to who’s the standard customer of the sexy man-gerie [the urban term for sexy undergarment made specifically for men] shop, online and in-store.

“The profile of our standard customer based on our research is probably a guy who’s married or in a relationship with a woman, aged between 40 – 60 and likes a bit of lingerie but doesn’t tell his wife and just indulged from time to time. The gay market isn’t a big buyer for us,” Brent said in an interview with Yahoo some few years back.

Brent has made it clear though that they’re making lingerie for guys, being straight or gay is of no concern. The “attractive luxury underwear” of HommeMystere is for any man’s use.

As a matter of fact, a survey they conducted discovered that about 90% of their clients are in a heterosexual relationship. Additionally, HommeMystere’s ads feature male models wearing company-made lingerie gamely posing with women.

Reasons behind the development and rise of men’s lingerie in recent times vary. Some say that men love to wear these lacy, satiny intimates because lingerie, at its roots, were made primarily for women [though the French from where the word originated use the word to pertain to both sexes’ undergarments]; wearing something that’s taboo just spices things up, right?

Others argue that lingerie are very light and comfortable to wear and something like these shouldn’t just be made available to women [gender equality, everyone?].

Whatever the motivations behind wearing these sexy man-gerie are, I see this as a thing not for everyone. Personally, while some of the designs worked for me, many of the items I saw while browsing through HommeMystere just made my brows shot up sky-high.

That said, if frilly and lacy men’s lingerie aren’t your thing, there are still a lot of sexy man-gerie [minus all the lace, frills and the likes] available that fit your tastes.

Just an added thought, even the late hardened WWII British Prime Minister Winston Churchill loved wearing undies made of pale pink satin. That’s something to ponder on.

8 Things Soon-To-Be and New Fathers Need to Know

Dear, Fathers [We’re speaking to you, first-time dad or soon-to-be one],

Fatherhood is both a joy and a pain, both very fun and very tiring. We wish babies come with personal manuals much like our electronic gadgets have; manuals would have made baby-rearing so much easier. But since taking care of a baby is pretty much an OJT [on-the-job training], we, seasoned parents, feel you need to know these 8 things that we hoped we had known when we were on your shoes.

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If you think your baby was from out-of-this-world, you were not alone in that thought.

Newborn babies are not as cute as we believe they are. They come out all wrinkly, eyes that look like they’ve been punched countless times, rather skinny and usually, with elongated heads. Don’t think you’re already a bad parent for thinking your little kid looked like the man from outer space. We thought the same, too.

You’ll see the cute baby soon — once he/she is all filled up. Give it a few weeks time.

And oh, while the bond is almost instantaneous when it comes to mothers [of course, they’re the ones who literally did the carrying for nine months], many seasoned dads agree with us that for fathers, it takes time to get there. Just be patient and do everything with regards to your little one with love.

5 Things You Need To Prepare Before Mountain Climbing

Do you want to go mountain climbing? Is it going to be the first time? Are you excited? Perhaps a little scared thinking of so many things that could happen along the way. I feel you. I am an adventurer myself but most of the time I venture to places in my imagination. Taking my first ever mountain climbing scared the nerve out of me. Why? Because I was unprepared and just joined the group because I wanted to take my adventure in real life and not just in my dreams.

After that first experience, I told myself that my next hike should be planned and well prepared. It was not easy and anything could really happen up there. So with the help of some mountaineers and help books, I came up with this beginner’s guide to mounting climbing.

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1. Be physically and mentally prepared

Climbing requires the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Make sure to consult your doctor about your plan especially if you have any medical condition. You need to exercise and increase your cardiovascular workouts. Set your mind and be determined to conquer every varied terrain and high elevations.

10 Lessons We Only Learn from Getting Our Hearts Broken

A few more days and it’s Valentine’s Day! But for those who are mending a broken heart this season, don’t fret! There are actually things we can learn from getting our hearts broken.

Learn to love yourself. When you love, you have to learn to keep a little love for yourself and not give it all to the person you’re in love to. If you do, chances are you’ll end up very broken when things don’t work out and you have to go your separate ways.

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15 Things You Should Do At Least Once In Your Life

There are so many things you should do at least once in your life especially when you’re still in your twenties. It’s probably the best time to explore and discover everything that life has to offer. Some people take life seriously and they don’t stop to enjoy the moment. It’s helpful to let loose sometimes and do something that you’ve never done before. Don’t get the feeling of regret later on in your life when you’re older and wish you should’ve done more when you were younger. After all, life is meant to be lived and no room for regrets!

1. Travel to a different country alone.

2. Spend time with your family especially those that you haven’t seen in a while.

3. Find out what you are passionate about in life and earn a living out of it.

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4. Create your life goals and write them on a piece of paper. Start doing something each day that will bring you closer to that dream.

5. Stay away from debt as much as you can. The only thing you can get from debt is more debt.

Amazing Military Women of the World

Women have had a long history of essential roles in the military and have just, over the last few decades, really moved into pivotal roles in protecting our worlds nations. Not only are these women taking risk to protect our nations, they also look AMAZING in action and when it comes to women in the military there is nothing better than seeing them sporting their camouflage and staring down the barrel of an m-16. Take a look at some of the beautiful women of our worlds most respected Armed Forces!

We Salute You!

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8 Animals That May Not Survive 2016! [VIDEO]

2016 is finally here! But it looks like we’re not just saying goodbye to the year 2015 but to some animals as well. While it is sad to hear that these animals may not survive in 2016, we have to face this reality so we can do something about it. We hope this informative video will encourage everyone to stop animal cruelty.

18 Pictures that prove Dog shows aren’t boring

I know some of us catch a part of the yearly Dog show on TV and are very used to the proper dog handlers (the one’s that walk the dogs around ring). They are all dressed up, and walk as perfectly as the dogs themselves. But, did you know that there are an enormous amount of dog shows across the world every year and they are not all as “proper”. Along the next few pages you will see pictures that prove dog shows aren’t boring.

Take a look and see what we mean!

Best Dressed?


What a Drag!



11 Memes That Show The Difference Between Men and Women

If you have never understood the saying “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, here are 11 memes that show the difference between men and women, in a funny way!

They say breaking up is hard to do. But it is honestly after the breakup that’s going to be hard. Or not (for girls that is!)!



5 Simple Ways to Getting that Washboard Abs

You already have washboard abs but… they’re just hidden behind that big flab you call a tummy! To bring out your inner six [or eight, if that’s what you want] pack, here are 5 simple ways to get started.

Your abs depend on what you eat.
Getting the abs of your dreams [or just a leaner version of the flab on your midsection] doesn’t just depend on exercise; it also boils down to healthy living. As what I have mentioned above, your abs are already there and it’s underneath all that fat that’s sitting on the middle of your body. You need to shed the fat first before the toned tummy shows.

But the fact is, lower back and tummy areas are known as the “stubborn areas” — these are where fat is hard to lose. You have to know that spot reduction doesn’t work on these areas. For men, one needs to trim down 10% of his overall body fats before that washboard abs show up. For women, one has to let go of 12-14% fats before to get to the toned middle.

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washboard abs

So, how does one do this?

One, get on a caloric deficit diet to keep up with your washboard abs goal. Caloric deficit is when you consume calories lower than what your body needs to perform, thus, forcing it to use stored body fats and convert them to energy. Arguably, the ideal caloric deficit is 20% of one’s calorie maintenance level. Example, if you need 2000 calories per day, you have to go by with 1600 calories once you start your caloric deficit diet [as 20% of 2000 is 400].

Two, make fat-free yogurt a part of your caloric deficit diet. It will make you abs-sational in no time. According to one recent research, adults who ate three servings of the fat-free kind of this white stuff each day were able to lose 81% more fats from their middle bodies with an overall weight loss of 22% more compared to those who had calorie-reduced diets but did not incorporate yogurt in them. What’s more, those eating yogurt were more able to maintain muscle mass twice as much as those who didn’t.

5 Out-Of-This-World Christmas Attractions in the US!

Looking for unique Christmassy events to go to or Christmas destinations to visit with your family this holiday season? Here are a few out-of-this-world attractions in the US.

Light, Lights and More Lights!

Christmas lights are one of the things that make this season exciting — we get to see so many awesome light displays basically whenever we go. But then, there are a few that deserve the “out of this world” title.

  • Brookfield Place: Luminaries

Open from December 2 to January 10, this lights display in Lower Manhattan – shipped as the new “holiday tradition” – showcases a wonderful and extraordinary dance and mix of colors from “luminoids” suspended in the air made possible by you!

The installment has three “wishing stations” where visitors get to go and make their wishes by placing their hands on touch-sensitive podiums. This podium, in turn, transport wishes to the above canopy of lights making them “dance”. Better take time to visit this new Christmas display and see for yourself what makes this Christmas attraction so “outworldly” beautiful.

Robotic ‘Dogs’ Pull Santa’s Sleigh [VIDEO]

Where’s Rudolph? In the world we are living in today where robotic technology is a part of our lives, it is no longer a surprise when someone creates a robot. And Boston Dynamics, which is the famous inventor of the Big Dog four-legged robot,  just wished everyone a happy holidays while their famous inventions are pulling Santa’s sleigh!

5 Superhero Movies to Watch Out For in 2016!

Let’s face it, superhero movies are so popular these days that it becomes a box office hit in a short amount of time. In all fairness, being a sort-of comic enthusiast myself, it’s fun seeing comic book characters come to life in silver screen — gushing over actors/actresses who really are fit for their roles to a T and ranting about those who are meh or are just not fit for the ones they are impersonating.

In that note and with the successes the recent movies on these franchises attained, here are 5 superhero movies that moviegoers – comic book aficionados, geeks or not alike – will look forward to this coming 2016!

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Goodbye, Drones and Hello, Delivery Robots!

Everyone, brace yourselves, delivery robots may be coming your way this 2016!

Delivery is one great business challenge. For one, delivery trucks are big contributors to every city’s traffic problems. Another one of the obstacles delivery guys normally come into are the nightmarish parking difficulties. Finally, stats reveal that almost 30% of delivery transportation costs are brought upon that “last mile” jump making deliveries quite expensive.

Big companies capable of using equally big technologies – like Google and Amazon – tried solving these delivery dilemmas with the use of drones. But though using drones has several advantages and did look promising, they were not able to overcome certain roadblocks, regulation-wise.

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Faced with these challenges, Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, co-founders of Skype, came out with an innovative idea — ditch the delivery trucks, the delivery guys and even the delivery drones and make way for the upcoming “in” thing.. delivery robots.

Heinla and Friis already launched their robot company, the Starship Technologies, their bid to make a change in the “last mile” problems delivery guys often encounter as they deliver the goods from their origins right to the customers’ doors.

“They travel at the slow speed of four miles per hour — a brisk walking pace. They travel on pavements (and) sidewalks, blending safely in with pedestrian traffic,” says Henla in an interview. And they’re not only talking about taking over the actual job of the delivery personnel which is transporting the package from the vehicle to the customer’s doorstep; accordingly, these delivery robots can take over the whole delivery system including the trucks themselves.

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delivery robots

Both Heinla and Friis stated that the delivery robots they’re working on have the abilities to detect obstacles, change their speed if they have to and even stop at the proper traffic lights. The robots are also equipped with cameras and microphones enabling them to “talk” and interact with the humans they encounter. These delivery robots” creators assure that if things do go awry, human operators can manually operate them by looking through their “robot” eyes and steering them to the right address.

These delivery robots are fitted with the same technology as the self-driving cars. But, the former is cheaper to build than the latter. Those who ordered  online can also track the robot delivering the goods to them through the use of a mobile app

Other benefits of the delivery robots – as pointed out by Heinla – are the following:

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starship delivery robots

      • They need lesser energy compared to light bulbs
      • They have the capability of delivery, say, two bags of groceries from a local supermarket within 5 to 30 minutes; compared to other delivery alternatives, the use of delivery robots lessen one’s expenses by up to 15 times.
      • They have the necessary lock system to prevent thefts and have a built-in GPS tracker.

The Starship Technologies is planning to do pilot services this 2016 in several countries including the US and the UK.  Then, it will launch internationally by 2017.

Meet the 26-Year-Old Hacker Who Built a Self-Driving Car… in His Garage!

Self driving cars were just another great idea from the brilliant minds behind tech companies and while we’re focusing on big names like Google, Tesla and Mercedes (to name a few), a 26-year old has already started building one in his garage! Watch this Bloomberg Business report video to take a peek on how he did it!

12 Hot Personalities You Might Not Know Have Celebrity Parents

These personalities have became famous in their own rights but maybe it runs in their genes also! Check out these hot celebrity kids!

Paulina Gretzky

She is the daughter of hockey’s Great One, Wayne Gretzky, and has been known as the Great Buns (among other things) since she became an Instagram celebrity.

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Paulina Gretzky

Men’s Fashion Trends that are Just Downright Terrible!

Fashion is a cycle. What’s fashionable now may go outdated the next but then, there’s always a great possibility it could return to the scene and “be in” again. On that note, below are some of the trends in the men’s fashion scene [Don’t worry, women wouldn’t go unscathed, too!] that I believe the world would benefit from if they don’t return . . . for good. Let’s just say they leave a “bad taste” to the eyes, if you get what I mean.

Wallet Chains

It became a thing in the 90s. Its popularity even went on to the early 2000s! I want to believe that its creator meant well when he [or she] started this trend [wallet security, everyone?] but hey, having a chain hanging on your pants – specifically on your butt area – is just too unbecoming.

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Are You an Ambivert? 5 Signs that Say You Are!

Extroverts are characterized by their outgoing personalities, a norm in a society that places high value in social and physical interactions. On the end of the spectrum are the introverts, those individuals who thrive more in being silent and alone.

But if you are having a difficulty placing yourself in either of these two personalities, have no fear. According to experts, there’s a third personality that’s a mix of the two — the ambivert. Below is the list of the 5 common signs for this personality. Read on and find out if you really are one!

Common Ambivert Sign 1: Like you, your friends tend to mix you up as either an introvert or an extrovert.

Some of your friends think you’re an extrovert while others say you’re an introvert. If like you, you’re friends find it hard to really point out what your personality is, there’s a very big possibility that you are neither because you are an ambivert.

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