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April 11th




Beautiful Artwork on Beautiful Canvas

We would expect all canvas to be very similar, a Blank slate for an artist to create their visions. However in some cases an artist gets an advantage and begins with a canvas that is already beautiful and adds to it. We have searched for these Beauties and have found what we believe are some of the finer works of art, on some of the top canvases we have ever seen. Enjoy the artwork and please share any that you like!

Tattoos and Beauties



Second Trailer for Captain America: Civil War is Out [And Spidey’s in It!]

Yay! The second trailer for Captain America: Civil War is already out and everyone’s hyped to see Spidey in it. However, as much as we want to do a crazy dance on this one fact alone, Spider-man’s not the only character reveal in this 2-minute teaser of the much anticipated picture.

So, let’s break this thing down!

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Sports Update: “How Patient Will the Broncos be with Peyton Manning?”

The big question is, how patient will the Broncos be with Peyton Manning?

ESPN currently published in their blog about this and we’re hoping Manning would be well enough to play in the game. One of the problems most athletes face are the injuries they get during practice or while in a game. Every single player is prone to getting injured and when it happens to a star player like Peyton Manning, people can’t help but be concerned about it as it can affect the whole team. But we are happy to hear about Manning and his teammates being positive about his health.

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According to the blog, “Manning has said he has complete confidence he is healthy enough to play against the Steelers, and many of Manning’s teammates say they believe he is healthier right now than he was even in September. But how long would Kubiak wait in a playoff game to make a move if things don’t go as well as they hope?

“I don’t know,” Kubiak said. “I don’t think that way. I’m going in and we’re positive here with everybody that we have going to play. It takes great effort to win in the National Football League, period, but everything gets ramped up in the playoffs. Like I said, it’ll take a great team effort. It won’t be about one player for us if we’re going to be successful in this second season. We’re going to play a great team one way or another. We’re all going to have to play well.”

Manning, who played 29 snaps in relief of Osweiler against San Diego, has said his foot had bothered him for some time, even before he suffered the tear in the plantar fascia in the Broncos’ Nov. 8 loss in Indianapolis. He has also said that doctors have told him his foot won’t completely heal until the coming offseason.

“I’m just looking forward to being able to contribute,” Manning said. “I came out [of Sunday’s game] fine, couple days off helped everybody I’m sure … no issues coming out of the game.”

We’re hoping for the best and wish the Broncos good luck in the coming game!

Doberman Makes An Adorable New Friend [VIDEO]

There’s something about animal videos that makes it uber cute and this video is not an exception. A full grown Doberman found friendship in this young kitty. So cute! #FriendshipGoals

What would you do with 700 million – This guy gives greatest answer!

Powerball jackpot is growing and growing and is at an estimated 700 million dollars. We all think about what we would do if we won the jackpot, buy a house, new car, pay bills, but this man gives the greatest answer when he was proposed the question. Sir, what would you do if you won the Jackpot?

Check out the video below from Worldstarhiphop and see what he would use it for!

What happens when Santa hooks kids to Lie Detectors

Not sure how any of us would do on a Lie detector test, but imagine the indecision you would have as a kid if Santa was about to question you. You know you need to be good to make the list, but you also have done a few things that would put you on the naughty list. How would you answer?

Well let’s see how these kids answered!

Star Wars in 99 Seconds

We recently found this youtube page named Paint which is actually Jonathan Charles Cozart who is an American Youtuber. He has a large following and does alot of videos that gain a ton of views but this one caught our attention since we love Star Wars. Paint sings a 99 second recap of Star Wars – check that video out below and if you want to see more about him click here.

18 Pictures that prove Dog shows aren’t boring

I know some of us catch a part of the yearly Dog show on TV and are very used to the proper dog handlers (the one’s that walk the dogs around ring). They are all dressed up, and walk as perfectly as the dogs themselves. But, did you know that there are an enormous amount of dog shows across the world every year and they are not all as “proper”. Along the next few pages you will see pictures that prove dog shows aren’t boring.

Take a look and see what we mean!

Best Dressed?


What a Drag!



11 Memes That Show The Difference Between Men and Women

If you have never understood the saying “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, here are 11 memes that show the difference between men and women, in a funny way!

They say breaking up is hard to do. But it is honestly after the breakup that’s going to be hard. Or not (for girls that is!)!



8 Christmas Movies that’ll Scare the Daylights Out of You!

Family, love, happiness and fun are the themes that usually come to mind when we talk about Christmas. Most, if not all, Christmassy movies revolve around these. However, for those who see the common filmfare during the holiday season boring and too sickly sweet, here are eight Christmas movies that’ll have you at the edge of your seats! These films still offer fun this Christmas . . . the edgier, scream-inducing, hiding-under-the-blanket kind though.

So, make up a new family tradition this Christmas. Gather ‘round, turn those lights off and have fun screaming your hearts out!

1. Krampus

This recent Christmas horror flick [released just this month] is based upon the premise of the Alpine folklore about the “shadow of Santa Claus” that – unlike the man in the red suit who brings gifts to kids who have been good all year round – punishes misbehaving children; in this movie, the krampus comes for those who have lost the Christmas spirit.

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Though described by movie critics as “not properly frightening”, it does have its own bite and that makes it good Christmas entertainment, in a gory way.

Best Funny Memes In The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant

It was an epic Miss Universe 2015 Pageant and it wasn’t because of the beautiful ladies in the competition. It became a very interesting night when host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. Ofcourse, the netizens and celebrities just had to say something about it. And there’s no better way to show what they think than in funny memes. Here are the best funny memes inspired by the Miss Universe 2015 crowning incident!

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Steve Harvey Announces The WRONG Winner of Miss Universe 2015!

It was a night full of beautiful ladies at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last Sunday night. Not just beautiful but the most beautiful ladies from different countries!

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Top 5 Miss Universe

The whole world watched as they grace the stage in various outfits, like in swimsuit and evening gown competition. It’s hard to pick which one is the best because they all looked stunning and incredibly beautiful. One of the most awaited part of the competition, which is the showcasing of the evening gown by the contestants, had us picked a few of our favorites. Miss Philippines, who wore a simple blue gown in the front which turns out to have an awesome detail at the back, surely grabbed the attention of the crowd and the judges. Miss USA who took our breath away not just with her gown but that genuine smile is captivating. Miss Colombia, and perhaps all of the future Miss Colombians, will always grab our attention because of their striking beauty. Last but not the least, Miss Australia who looks confident and beautiful as she walks in the stage.

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Miss Universe 2015 Colombia Philippines

But like all competition, there will always be a winner. Just one. The host of the night, Steve Harvey, announced Miss USA (Olivia Jordan) as 2nd-runner up, Miss Philippines (Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach) as 1st-runner up and Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutierrez Arévalo)  was crowned as Miss Universe 2015 by no other than reigning Miss Colombia herself, Paulina Vega. They surely looked happy as they bag the crown two years in a row but little did they know that her title is short-lived. Harvey made an announcement that he was mistaken and that Miss Philippines actually won the competition. Wait, what?! Yes! Shocked? So was Miss Philippines and probably all the people who were watching!

“Listen folks… this is exactly what’s on the card,” Harvey said, showing the card to the camera, after returning to stage during Miss Colombia’s bows. “I will take responsibility for this. It was on the card.” The entire awkward moment was caught on-air during the live telecast. “Please don’t hold it against the ladies, we feel so badly,” added Harvey, “but it’s still a great night”, as written in Yahoo! News.

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Miss Universe 2015

Congratulations Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for winning Miss Universe 2015!

Ugly Ducklings Who Turned Into Hollywoods Hottest Swans!

Do you remember your favorite child stars? ‘Cause we sure do! Who would’ve known these Ugly Ducklings would grow up to be hot and sexy celebrities! You’ll know what we mean as you browse through the gallery. (You gotta see the last slide, she’s definitely our favorite!)


Daniel Curtis Lee


Daniel is best known as Simon Nelson-Cook from the Nickolodeon series Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and now, at 24, he has our attention with his comedy flair and rap music!

10 Male Celebrities Who Look Great With Beard

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It’s Movember! The only acceptable time to grow out those beards, kidding! these celebrities look good with beard all year round! We’ll let you be the judge and see for yourself whether they look good with beard, or not!


Ryan Gosling

It’s Ryan Gosling. With or without beard, he looks hot!

Must Watch Marksman Trick Shots! [VIDEO]

If you want to take your marksmanship to the next level (or perhaps perfect your aim), do it like the guys did in this video! The boys of Dude Perfect (Youtube Channel) has more than 7 million followers. No wonder this epic video has over 2.6 million views! The “Tapping It In” trick shot is definitely my favorite!

12 Hot Personalities You Might Not Know Have Celebrity Parents

These personalities have became famous in their own rights but maybe it runs in their genes also! Check out these hot celebrity kids!

Paulina Gretzky

She is the daughter of hockey’s Great One, Wayne Gretzky, and has been known as the Great Buns (among other things) since she became an Instagram celebrity.

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Paulina Gretzky