“Dr. Strange” Trailer is Out and It’s Mighty . . . Strange!

The first trailer of the upcoming superhero movie Doctor Strange recently debuted and personally, watching it felt like I was on a LSD trip or something. 

Benedict Cumberbatch personally introduced the first trailer to his Marvel movie Doctor Strange in Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and since its outing last April 12, it has been viewed over 3 million times. I contributed 10 views to this number. Yes, that’s how many times I watched it — over and over not because it grabbed me the first time I watched it. yes, it did grab my attention but in the LSD-trippy kind. It felt like I was on drugs watching it . . . really.

Before you judge me, though, you’ve got to cut me some slack. I’m not a serious comic book fan [all I can boast is a 20-comic book collection consisting mainly of X-Men]. This makes me one of the legions of moviegoers who don’t know Doctor Strange outside of the movie and any snippets regarding it. For Marvel, it’s a risk they’re taking, banking on something that’s not household name as compared to Captain America, Iron Man or even The Incredible Hulk. But hey, it did go amazingly well for Guardians of the Galaxy, right? Doctor Strange looks to be on a more serious not, though, compared to the former.

Anyway, here’s what I understand [so far] about the Doctor Strange plot line based on the teaser:

Doctor Stephen Strange got involved in a freak car accident that mangled his hands.

The doctor’s hands are his greatest assets. Accordingly in the comic books, he’s a renowned neurosurgeon. So, losing his hands mean a great deal. Apparently, he also lost his identity after the accident.

doctor strange 1

doctor strange 2

Heavy weight is placed on his struggle on what he was before and what he became after the accident. This premise quite similar to Tony Stark’s story; both characters have to deal with the disabilities fate dealt with them. Contrasts are seemingly offered between Doctor Strange’s life before the accident occurred and after it in these shots.

doctor strange face

doctor strange hands

And because he lost his identity, he searched the four corners of the world to find it.

12 Interesting Things We Get from the “Suicide Squad” Blitz Trailer!

Warner Bros. has recently released a new trailer for its Suicide Squad movie, the third teaser for the antihero [more like villain-filled] film that’s set to premiere this August. Dubbed Blitz by the company, it’s pretty filled with interesting things. Here’s a few I found [in a not so chronological order].

Suicide Squad 3

We hear a slow-mo-type of the new Joker’s [Jared Leto] sinister laugh with a spine-tingling scream in the end that you would imagine a demented psycho like him would let out when he’s about to torture his victim [eckkk!]. And this remaking of the Warner Bros. logo in his and Harley Quin’s colors kind of give off the vibe that these two play major roles in this movie. Of course, we know Harley’s part of the nefarious gang but how about the Joker? Could he be, as what others surmised, the antagonist? More on that later.

Suicide Squad 1

This government man here delivered this piece: “Gentlemen, ladies, what if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House and grab the president right out of the Oval office? Who would’ve stopped him?” 


10 New Trailers of Movies You Definitely Might Want to See

It has been an attack of the new trailers time! these past two weeks with one or two teasers of upcoming movies coming out every few days or so.

It’s fun watching movie trailers. Some make you feel like you don’t need to dish out money for the movie since its teaser just gave the plot away in two minutes or less. Some would make you say out loud, “What the heck did I just watch?”. Some are just plain good they pump you with excitement to see the film only to realize that an awesome trailer is not a guarantee the movie will be awesome, too. Then there are some that just have bad trailers they turn you off from the movies they’re about only to find out later on that these movies were really good and the trailers were just bad advertising.

So, I watched all these new movie trailers which recently cam out and here are the few that piqued my interest.

Sausage Party

Yes, it’s an animated movie. No, it’s not for kids.

As a matter of fact, it’s RED which means it’s RESTRICTED . . . FOR ADULTS ONLY . . . that kind of thing. The film’s title may be derived from a crude penis joke but it’s not talking about whoever’s genitalia. The title’s literal — it’s about food. If you look at it, it’s a horror movie . . . for foods.

The trailer’s hilarious and it’s got a full cast of comedic actors and actresses. These elements combined with the “taboo” that it’s an animated movie but not for kids make this one so interesting.


Release Date: August 12

Know the Top Six Risks to Men’s Health [You Might be Suffering from One]

Women live longer than men, that’s a fact.And while the life longevity gap among genders have shortened to an average of 5 to 6 years in recent years, that truth remains the same. As a matter of fact, according to Scientific American, within the 85-year-old age bracket, there are only four men for every six women alive.

Photo Credit

mens health

While there are many factors at play behind this fact, one major reason health experts point out is that men tend to downplay their health. Women tend to complain about ill health and visit a doctor more often. However, men don’t.  As one medical doctor puts it, as long as men feel they’re just doing fine and are actually living up to their roles in the society, then, their health is not at risk, too.

But even if you are feeling at the prime of your health, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of the health dangers that may just be lurking around the corners of your life. That said, here are the top six health risks mainly found in men.

8 Things Soon-To-Be and New Fathers Need to Know

Dear, Fathers [We’re speaking to you, first-time dad or soon-to-be one],

Fatherhood is both a joy and a pain, both very fun and very tiring. We wish babies come with personal manuals much like our electronic gadgets have; manuals would have made baby-rearing so much easier. But since taking care of a baby is pretty much an OJT [on-the-job training], we, seasoned parents, feel you need to know these 8 things that we hoped we had known when we were on your shoes.

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If you think your baby was from out-of-this-world, you were not alone in that thought.

Newborn babies are not as cute as we believe they are. They come out all wrinkly, eyes that look like they’ve been punched countless times, rather skinny and usually, with elongated heads. Don’t think you’re already a bad parent for thinking your little kid looked like the man from outer space. We thought the same, too.

You’ll see the cute baby soon — once he/she is all filled up. Give it a few weeks time.

And oh, while the bond is almost instantaneous when it comes to mothers [of course, they’re the ones who literally did the carrying for nine months], many seasoned dads agree with us that for fathers, it takes time to get there. Just be patient and do everything with regards to your little one with love.

Second Trailer for Captain America: Civil War is Out [And Spidey’s in It!]

Yay! The second trailer for Captain America: Civil War is already out and everyone’s hyped to see Spidey in it. However, as much as we want to do a crazy dance on this one fact alone, Spider-man’s not the only character reveal in this 2-minute teaser of the much anticipated picture.

So, let’s break this thing down!

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5 Things You Need To Prepare Before Mountain Climbing

Do you want to go mountain climbing? Is it going to be the first time? Are you excited? Perhaps a little scared thinking of so many things that could happen along the way. I feel you. I am an adventurer myself but most of the time I venture to places in my imagination. Taking my first ever mountain climbing scared the nerve out of me. Why? Because I was unprepared and just joined the group because I wanted to take my adventure in real life and not just in my dreams.

After that first experience, I told myself that my next hike should be planned and well prepared. It was not easy and anything could really happen up there. So with the help of some mountaineers and help books, I came up with this beginner’s guide to mounting climbing.

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1. Be physically and mentally prepared

Climbing requires the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Make sure to consult your doctor about your plan especially if you have any medical condition. You need to exercise and increase your cardiovascular workouts. Set your mind and be determined to conquer every varied terrain and high elevations.

10 Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day!

To honor Valentine’s Day which we celebrated a few days ago, with love and lots of chocolates, here are 14 fun facts connected to it and its celebration.

This year, the world celebrated the 479th Valentine’s Day! It was way back in 1537 when February 14 was officially declared the day of St. Valentine’s – a holiday, by the way – by King Henry VII.

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10 Lessons We Only Learn from Getting Our Hearts Broken

A few more days and it’s Valentine’s Day! But for those who are mending a broken heart this season, don’t fret! There are actually things we can learn from getting our hearts broken.

Learn to love yourself. When you love, you have to learn to keep a little love for yourself and not give it all to the person you’re in love to. If you do, chances are you’ll end up very broken when things don’t work out and you have to go your separate ways.

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2016 Hair Trends For Men: Slick, Side-Part, Hair on Top!

Here’s what’s in store for men when it comes to hair trends and styles this year.

RIP Man Bun

According to A-list stylists for men, man bun will fortunately “die” this year.

Ever since Jared Leto put the man bun in the men’s fashion scene, I had hoped nobody would pick the style up. This may sound like gender bias or gender racism [if there’s one] but I just couldn’t see anything manly with hair in a bun. I’ll always associate bunned hair with females — our usual scape route when our hair is long and the day gets too hot or we’re on a lazy mode to do our hair or we’re just having a real bad hair day.

But then, they did! That time on, I had hoped it would die. And that time had come so it’s one more reason to love 2016!

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5 Upcoming Technologies in 2016: Yay! Or Nay!? You Judge!

Every year brings about a tide of new products designed to make man’s life simpler and easier. 2016 is no different. Here are 5 of this year’s early upcoming technologies. Are they a genius or what? You decide!

Ili Wearable Translator [Logbar]

I got interested with this one the first time I saw its advert video come up in a social media site. From a Japanese start-up that had a rough beginning [it once produced what was called “the worst product ever made”], ili Wearable Translator boasts of translating languages real-time, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi needed. Currently, though, it can only do three languages — English, Chinese and Japanese.

It looks similar to an iPod shuffle and can be worn by the users around the neck. To use, the user has to hold down a button and speak. Upon releasing that button, the  ili Wearable Translator translates what was said in the chosen language, may it be English, Japanese or Chinese.

Though many admit that the product concept is amazing, many cried outrage over its ad declaring it “tasteless”. Watch it below and see if you agree to the outcry.

Anyway, the ili Wearable Translator is expected to have a 24-hour battery life and will be priced around 200 US dollars [$200]. It will be out come March to April with its creators planning to add French, Korean, Thai, Italian, Spanish and Arabic languages in its roost of languages in the near future.

15 Things You Should Do At Least Once In Your Life

There are so many things you should do at least once in your life especially when you’re still in your twenties. It’s probably the best time to explore and discover everything that life has to offer. Some people take life seriously and they don’t stop to enjoy the moment. It’s helpful to let loose sometimes and do something that you’ve never done before. Don’t get the feeling of regret later on in your life when you’re older and wish you should’ve done more when you were younger. After all, life is meant to be lived and no room for regrets!

1. Travel to a different country alone.

2. Spend time with your family especially those that you haven’t seen in a while.

3. Find out what you are passionate about in life and earn a living out of it.

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4. Create your life goals and write them on a piece of paper. Start doing something each day that will bring you closer to that dream.

5. Stay away from debt as much as you can. The only thing you can get from debt is more debt.

10 Reasons Why Being Single Can Be Good For You

In this world full of lovers, no one wants to be left single. The pressure is on especially when you are still single at your late twenties or early thirties. It’s like a clock in front of you keeps on ticking non-stop reminding you of your age and your relationship status. But there are actually advantages of being single. Do you know what those are? Here are 10 reasons on why being single can be good for you.

1. You have the time of your life

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Being in a relationship with someone can be demanding. It requires much of your time and presence. Sometimes you just want to be alone with yourself and reflect. When you’re single, you can invest more time on other significant stuff.

8 Healthy Food Trends You Should Know In 2016

Health is the state of being free from illness or injury. It could also mean a person’s mental or physical condition. It is very significant to watch over one’s health to continue living a more active and satisfying life. Balanced diet, exercise and a happy disposition are the essentials of a healthier you. Below are top 8 healthy food trends you should know (and maybe start doing) in 2016!

1. Lemon Water

Photo Credit


The secret is to detox. Your body needs to abstain or rids of toxic or unhealthy substances. Lemon water aids in digestion, helps you lose weight and cleanses your system. Just squeeze lemon juice on a glass of water and savoir your drink. You can add honey as sweetener to make the drink more delightful.

Sports: 5 Biggest Upsets 2015 Edition

Hello, 2016!

Before we leave 2015 behind for good, let’s play the recall game and look back on some of the upsetting sports events that had people talking for quite some time. For this piece, let’s check out the sports world and the 5 biggest upsets that occurred throughout 2015. For sure, those involved in them need a bit of time – even some part of 2016 – to move on from their “fall”.

Holm-Rousey Knockout in UFC 193

Ronda Rousey was a force to reckon with in the MMA ring until Holly Holm came along. In their “Rowdy” Ronda’s undefeated streak inside the octagon during their November 2015 fight – that had the unsuspecting audience in uproar – when the “Preacher’s Daughter” knocked her out 59 seconds into the second round with a kick on the head. Holm took the Bantamweight title from Rousey that night.

But the 28-year-old former Olympian vowed that after taking a short hiatus, she will be back and many sports enthusiasts know she will do so with a vengeance. A possible rematch between these two great women fighters is looming in the near future.

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The 10 Biggest Athletes of 2015

Let’s check out last year’s 10 biggest athletes — the ones that roared and stood up above the rest, not just in terms of being money makers but in other aspects as well.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. [Boxing]

Mayweather’s on the top of this list not just because he was Forbes’ Top Athlete for 2015 when it came to money making but also because his “mega bout” with Manny Pacquiao broke records when it came to pay-per-views and ticket sales. Additionally, he retired from boxing undefeated with a 49-0 record.

But then, sports experts still believe that with the right deal, the “Money Maker” will return to the ring for his 50th victory or his first loss via knockout. All we can do right now is wait and see.

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8 Things We Used to Enjoy Before Social Media Came Into Being

I find it quite weird to see many of us too attached to our smartphones, tablets or any other hand-held internet-capable devices as if our lives depended on them. There’s never a day when we don’t check our Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or whatever account we have in social media sites-slash-apps are out there [guilty as charged!]. But before these came into being, there were many things we used to enjoy doing . . . A LOT. Here are just eight of them.

Cuddling a book in bed.
Remember those times when we read ourselves to sleep? Or when there’s this one paperback we just can’t put down we bring it with us to bed to read only to wake up the next morning with it on top of our faces and us late for school/work?

Photo Credit


But then, that nighttime habit has been replaced with us stalking friends, frenemies and even exes on social media! Admit it. The last thing you do before you snooze is check your FB account or snap an Instagram-worthy photo of you in your OOTN — your outfit of the night.

18 Pictures that prove Dog shows aren’t boring

I know some of us catch a part of the yearly Dog show on TV and are very used to the proper dog handlers (the one’s that walk the dogs around ring). They are all dressed up, and walk as perfectly as the dogs themselves. But, did you know that there are an enormous amount of dog shows across the world every year and they are not all as “proper”. Along the next few pages you will see pictures that prove dog shows aren’t boring.

Take a look and see what we mean!

Best Dressed?


What a Drag!



5 Simple Ways to Getting that Washboard Abs

You already have washboard abs but… they’re just hidden behind that big flab you call a tummy! To bring out your inner six [or eight, if that’s what you want] pack, here are 5 simple ways to get started.

Your abs depend on what you eat.
Getting the abs of your dreams [or just a leaner version of the flab on your midsection] doesn’t just depend on exercise; it also boils down to healthy living. As what I have mentioned above, your abs are already there and it’s underneath all that fat that’s sitting on the middle of your body. You need to shed the fat first before the toned tummy shows.

But the fact is, lower back and tummy areas are known as the “stubborn areas” — these are where fat is hard to lose. You have to know that spot reduction doesn’t work on these areas. For men, one needs to trim down 10% of his overall body fats before that washboard abs show up. For women, one has to let go of 12-14% fats before to get to the toned middle.

Photo Credit

washboard abs

So, how does one do this?

One, get on a caloric deficit diet to keep up with your washboard abs goal. Caloric deficit is when you consume calories lower than what your body needs to perform, thus, forcing it to use stored body fats and convert them to energy. Arguably, the ideal caloric deficit is 20% of one’s calorie maintenance level. Example, if you need 2000 calories per day, you have to go by with 1600 calories once you start your caloric deficit diet [as 20% of 2000 is 400].

Two, make fat-free yogurt a part of your caloric deficit diet. It will make you abs-sational in no time. According to one recent research, adults who ate three servings of the fat-free kind of this white stuff each day were able to lose 81% more fats from their middle bodies with an overall weight loss of 22% more compared to those who had calorie-reduced diets but did not incorporate yogurt in them. What’s more, those eating yogurt were more able to maintain muscle mass twice as much as those who didn’t.