Pacquiao Defeats Bradley: Is This His Farewell Victory?

Saturday, April 9, saw Pacquiao [58-6-2] beat Bradley [33-2-1] at the MGM Grand in front of an over 14,000 crowd with two knockouts in the seventh and ninth rounds. These two’s fight trilogy came to a close via unanimous decision, a resounding victory to the Pacman with scores 116-110 from all three judges of that night’s event.

But what dampened the night’s victory for the Filipino champ’s fans was his announcement beforehand that he was leaving the boxing world after the Saturday bout. His reasons — he wants to devout more time to his family as well as his desire to serve his country. Pacquiao is running for a senate seat and with the Philippine elections set for next month, his leaving the sports is timely.

Was last Saturday’s win his farewell victory?


Timothy Bradley was the first to enter the ring wearing a white hood with a purple hood. Manny Pacquiao came in next wearing his country’s colors – blue, white and red – all the while smiling as Katy Perry’s Roar played in  the background.

While Bradley did fight amazingly in the bout especially in Rounds 2 and 8 [where he cornered the People’s Champ and forced him to cover himself up], Pacquiao came out as the aggressor even showing glimpses of his old fighting self many times throughout the fight. He managed to down Bradley twice in the 12-round bout, in the 7th [though Bradley didn’t look shaken by his fall in this round] and the 9th rounds. By the 10th, Bradley already showed signs of strain.

In the last round, Bradley recovered and advanced aggressively. However, his zeal came in too late. Pacquiao remained standing, a strong indicator that he already bagged the bout even before the judges’ decision was announced.


Naturally, with the power Pacquiao showed in his fight against Bradley, the first question that greeted him post-fight was would he still continue on with his retirement after the night’s victory? Wouldn’t his win make him reconsider walking away from the boxing world?

However, Pacquiao remained steadfast with his decision.

“Like I said, sir, I already made a commitment to my family that after this fight I am going to go back home and spend more time with them. And I [am] going to retire and serve the people of the Philippines. That is my focus,” he said.

Nevertheless, there’s a ray of hope for Pacquiao fans.

“My heart is 50/50. Boxing is a really hard sport, very difficult. Like I said, I might enjoy retired life. It’s hard to say because I’m not there yet. But right now my decision is to retire,” he stated after laughing when another reporter asked him about his retirement for the third time.

And when asked if he would consider going back inside the ring should Floyd Mayweather Jr. agree to a second boxing match with him, Pacquiao gave an open-ended answer.

So, to answer the question: was the Saturday bout Pacquiao’s farewell victory? Well, the possibilities are endless. Let’s just not put a dot to that.

10 New Trailers of Movies You Definitely Might Want to See

It has been an attack of the new trailers time! these past two weeks with one or two teasers of upcoming movies coming out every few days or so.

It’s fun watching movie trailers. Some make you feel like you don’t need to dish out money for the movie since its teaser just gave the plot away in two minutes or less. Some would make you say out loud, “What the heck did I just watch?”. Some are just plain good they pump you with excitement to see the film only to realize that an awesome trailer is not a guarantee the movie will be awesome, too. Then there are some that just have bad trailers they turn you off from the movies they’re about only to find out later on that these movies were really good and the trailers were just bad advertising.

So, I watched all these new movie trailers which recently cam out and here are the few that piqued my interest.

Sausage Party

Yes, it’s an animated movie. No, it’s not for kids.

As a matter of fact, it’s RED which means it’s RESTRICTED . . . FOR ADULTS ONLY . . . that kind of thing. The film’s title may be derived from a crude penis joke but it’s not talking about whoever’s genitalia. The title’s literal — it’s about food. If you look at it, it’s a horror movie . . . for foods.

The trailer’s hilarious and it’s got a full cast of comedic actors and actresses. These elements combined with the “taboo” that it’s an animated movie but not for kids make this one so interesting.

Release Date: August 12

Know the Top Six Risks to Men’s Health [You Might be Suffering from One]

Women live longer than men, that’s a fact.And while the life longevity gap among genders have shortened to an average of 5 to 6 years in recent years, that truth remains the same. As a matter of fact, according to Scientific American, within the 85-year-old age bracket, there are only four men for every six women alive.

Photo Credit

mens health

While there are many factors at play behind this fact, one major reason health experts point out is that men tend to downplay their health. Women tend to complain about ill health and visit a doctor more often. However, men don’t.  As one medical doctor puts it, as long as men feel they’re just doing fine and are actually living up to their roles in the society, then, their health is not at risk, too.

But even if you are feeling at the prime of your health, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of the health dangers that may just be lurking around the corners of your life. That said, here are the top six health risks mainly found in men.

Men’s Lingerie: Are They Something You Will Wear?

When we say lingerie, we usually think about sexy, generally skimpy, lacy underwear and nighties designed for WOMEN. However, that is not already the case as MEN’S LINGERIE is on the rise. Frilly and lacy are not exclusively for female use anymore. Even bras!

Launched way back in 2008, Australian-based HommeMystere is a company that makes sexy lingerie for men. If you browse through their website, you’ll find intimate pieces – ranging from undies to camisoles – that look exactly like something a woman would wear but are designed to fit a man’s body. HommeMystere, which just recently branched online, even carries bras for men called manssieres.

Photo Credit


When asked how they came up with the idea for their company, label creators Brent and Lara Krause said that while women have a very wide range of options, style-wise, when it comes to intimates, men’s choices when it comes to underwear are very limited. Their goal for starting HommeMystere was to amend that.

As written on the company’s website, “Our goal has always been to offer an alternative style of underwear for men, based on their physique rather than their sexuality”.

Described by its creators as a niche product [described as “either you hate it or you don’t], the company’s sales are growing fast year after year with the US making the bulk of it with 70%. Australia, along with Canada and UK, make up the remaining 25% with Europe taking the last 5%.

And while you may think that company is mainly serving the LGBT community, you’ll be surprised as to who’s the standard customer of the sexy man-gerie [the urban term for sexy undergarment made specifically for men] shop, online and in-store.

“The profile of our standard customer based on our research is probably a guy who’s married or in a relationship with a woman, aged between 40 – 60 and likes a bit of lingerie but doesn’t tell his wife and just indulged from time to time. The gay market isn’t a big buyer for us,” Brent said in an interview with Yahoo some few years back.

Brent has made it clear though that they’re making lingerie for guys, being straight or gay is of no concern. The “attractive luxury underwear” of HommeMystere is for any man’s use.

As a matter of fact, a survey they conducted discovered that about 90% of their clients are in a heterosexual relationship. Additionally, HommeMystere’s ads feature male models wearing company-made lingerie gamely posing with women.

Reasons behind the development and rise of men’s lingerie in recent times vary. Some say that men love to wear these lacy, satiny intimates because lingerie, at its roots, were made primarily for women [though the French from where the word originated use the word to pertain to both sexes’ undergarments]; wearing something that’s taboo just spices things up, right?

Others argue that lingerie are very light and comfortable to wear and something like these shouldn’t just be made available to women [gender equality, everyone?].

Whatever the motivations behind wearing these sexy man-gerie are, I see this as a thing not for everyone. Personally, while some of the designs worked for me, many of the items I saw while browsing through HommeMystere just made my brows shot up sky-high.

That said, if frilly and lacy men’s lingerie aren’t your thing, there are still a lot of sexy man-gerie [minus all the lace, frills and the likes] available that fit your tastes.

Just an added thought, even the late hardened WWII British Prime Minister Winston Churchill loved wearing undies made of pale pink satin. That’s something to ponder on.

Girl Had The Loudest Fart Ever [VIDEO]

Between siblings, brothers are usually the ones who put their younger siblings in an embarrassing situation. But this time, this older sister is turning the table around and captured her younger brother’s reaction when she let out a loud fart. His reaction was priceless! His sister couldn’t stop laughing! And us too! Today, this video has over 3 million views!

Ghostbusters Reboot is Receiving All the Hate

Sony recently released the trailer for its Ghostbusters reboot and it’s receiving all the hate.

When Sony let the Ghosbusters 2016 trailer out last week, it reached a number of milestones within a 24-hour period. For one, ListenFirst media counted over 24 million views in Youtube and Facebook for the movie trailer within the 24 house since it was outed. That record surpassed that of another upcoming movie trailer with a comeback theme, Independence Day: Resurgence which was viewed 12 million times upon release as well as the trailer for The Legend of Tarzan [movies with the Tarzan numbers to more than 40] which had 8 million views on its first 24 hours.

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However, the new Ghostbusters also ended up with another milestone — [arguably] being the most disliked trailer ever posted in Youtube.

To date, the movie’s Youtube trailer has over 23,900,000 million views with a 185,759 – 426,743 record. Sadly, the former’s the likes and the latter number denotes the dislikes.

How could one trailer – and movie – gets this so much hate?

Many people, including the Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig and main character Kristen Wiig, believe that the hate all stems out from the change in the movie’s main cast. When it was announced  that the upcoming offering has an all-female lead, far removed from its predeccesors’ all-male one, it was met with a very loud backlash.

And now, a number of articles say out right that this is, and might be, the reason why this movie’s receiving all these negative vibes, to think that it’s only the first trailer and the whole picture itself!

Personal Take

I personally believe that yes, a number of the dislikes may have come from the misogynistic fanboys of the original Ghostbusters. Based on the nasty Youtube comments of the upcoming reboot’s trailer, that’s a fact.

However, I also personally believe that not all dislikes stemmed out from the “men can do comedy better than women” mentality most articles about the upcoming movie point fingers to as the culprit to all the hate it’s getting.

I watched the old Ghostbusters movies as a kid and both left quite an impression in me — my dislike for everything slimy and peanut butter [though I’m kind of getting over the latter and rediscovering how tasty peanut butter really is]. I also loved them [though watching them with adult eyes was an entirely different experience but the funny factor was still there].

Watching the originals and now the trailer of the reboot made me think how Hollywood must have lost a good chunk of its creativity to really make all these recurring theme movies. I wondered what new factors will this new one be offering? It has all the Ghostbuster-y elements in it mixed with some things new but somehow, it’s all coming to me lamely. Maybe this is because I have watched these elements in the two movies this new offering was based from and sometimes, mixing something old with something new just isn’t a good idea.

Second thing is, it’s riddled with stereotypes. While defenders of the movie hotly say that the new Ghostbusters is judged unfairly on the basis of gender stereotypes, it’s not without the issue in itself. Leslie Jones’ character in the picture was placed on the hot seat a number of times due to it being a stereotype of a black woman [read a take on this issue here] — too loud and, though street-smart, doesn’t hold any academic accolades as that of the white leads.

I gave the new Ghostbusters a thumbs down not because I’m a misogynist and an anti-feminism advocate. I just simply don’t like it.

Little Boy Says Food Is Too Cute To Eat [VIDEO]

Kids are cute. They usually say things seriously that comes out really funny. For this little boy, he doesn’t want to eat his food because it looks”too cute”. Awww. This cutie made our hearts melt and at the same time made us laugh especially when he asked his mom not to make his food look so cute! Just the cutest thing ever!

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Speech (Jimmy Fallon) [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon is a funny guy. But he gets even funnier when he impersonates Donald Trump! His expressions, gestures and jokes are on point and way too hilarious! You shouldn’t miss this video that garnered more than 100,000 after it was aired yesterday! On a side note, who’s your favorite Presidential candidate?

Is Justin Bieber’s Music Evolution Making a Belieber out of You?

When my Facebook wall exploded with feeds and statuses about Justin Bieber’s performance of his newly released single What Do You Mean during the 2015 VMAs and how good the actual song was, it piqued my interest. And when a longtime friend posted through Facebook that she was fast becoming a Belieber because of Bieber’s new songs, it prompted me to check Biebs’ new music myself.

I have never been a Justin Bieber [a Belieber] fan. My song knowledge when it comes to him is limited to his Baby single which my then barely three-year-old son and nephew belted out and danced to. His music catered to teenage girls [and okay, boys] and since I am way past my teenage years, I see no point listening to songs which, I think, mostly talks about juvenile love and heartbreak. I like his life story, though — how he came to be discovered as a music artist. I see in his story a dedication of a single mother who’s proud of her son’s talent and got just that . . . the world recognizing that, indeed, her son got something she should really be proud of. The fact that Justin Bieber got discovered through Youtube just showed how powerful social media, media-sharing sites and the internet, in general, are. If I am not mistaken, his discovery led the slew of other Youtube discoveries [Greyson Chance, Karmin, Psy and the likes, everyone?], too, with the site catapulted to being a platform for showcasing talents [and, yes, being abused in that context].

Photo Credit


The many bad news about him in the past recent years even cemented my low opinion of him. In the steps of Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus was another bratty young star who let fame get inside his head. If Justin made it to the news, it wasn’t about his music but about the latest antic he did [and though not a fan, it’s hard not to hear about them as majority of the entertainment news portals in the internet spoke about them].

So, the news about his VMAs appearance came really as a surprise. But him making grown-up music isn’t.

His transition from his kiddie pop crooning days to what he is now started two years back — in 2013. But those times were the height of all his legal troubles. Everyone else was focused on that and everything else he was doing, including on working out his music career, was scarcely noticed. His Baby single featured a Justin Bieber who can still hit high notes. This changed, however, when he hit puberty. In fact, he admitted to his changing voice and inability to hit the high notes he was able to sing without difficulty before in an interview.

I believe that Justin Bieber and his team experimented with music [check out his music compilation entitled Journals] before settling on to something that played his strengths which, obviously, wasn’t R&B. Good thing that the tide within the music world is also changing. EDM [Electronic Dance Music] is on the rise and that is what Bieber’s genre is now — EDM-influenced pop. Unlike R&B, EDM pop allows him to skim through beats without belting out. It’s a perfect fit for his breathy voice.

Photo Credit


His new songs are quite catchy and upbeat. Aside from that, the lyrics dwell on more than just the teenage angst, love and heartbreak – themes that dominated his earlier works. And listening to some of his songs now, I find I am enjoying them and actually singing in with the tracks.

Am I already a Belieber? Nope. I just think that Biebs just found his musical home in the genre he is now. This and the growing up that his recent run-ins with trouble brought him contributed greatly to his maturity as a musician.

How about you? Is Justin Bieber’s new music making a Belieber out of you?

Dad Throws Giant Snowball at Kid [VIDEO]

Being a parent is not easy. But it also comes with a lot of perks (fun too!). And this dad might just have too much fun being a parent! Snowsports are fun, but throwing giant snowballs can be so much more! Watch this video and find out why it’s gained 1.2 million views on YouTube!

American Bald Eagle Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

Ever since I was a kid, most, if not all, pictures of the american bald eagle I have seen were always from the side view. And because pictures of it looked so good I didn’t really think about looking for pictures of it in a front view. And this might just be the reason why!

This is the American Bald Eagle we’re used to seeing:

Photo Credit


Good morning! Or is it? Looks like somebody is having a bad hair day!

Photo Credit


Why so serious?!

Photo Credit


We don’t want to make them angry! Nope, we don’t!

Photo Credit


It’s the last but definitely the cutest!

Photo Credit

Curious Bald Eagle

Maid of Honour Raps her Speech to ‘ICE ICE BABY’ at her sister’s wedding! AMAZING! [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard about wedding singers, and even ringers but have you heard the latest buzz about the wedding rapper? One woman, who was the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding, delivered a very unique way of wedding toast. It looked like a traditional wedding toast in the beginning of the video but the crowd went laughing and cheering when she started rapping! Her rhyming is contagious! If you listen closely to the lyrics, you’ll know why they couldn’t help but laugh!

Broncos Win Super Bowl 50!

A lot of Broncos fans, and probably the players as well, are still celebrating their win. Cam Newton, which was named the league’s Most Valuable Player, sadly wasn’t so invincible when the entire Denver Broncos beat him in the biggest game of all, the Super Bowl! Thumbs up to Broncos’ defense against Carolina Panthers which ended with a 24-10 score!

Photo Credit


According to Yahoo!, “It was the Broncos’ defense, not the Peyton Manning offense that was most responsible for Denver’s points. A Miller sack and strip of Newton in the first quarter was recovered in the end zone by Jackson to give Denver a 10-0 lead and set the tone that this was a different level than Carolina had seen. The game was capped by another Miller strip of Newton that set the Broncos up on Carolina’s 4-yard line. C.J. Anderson scored a few plays later to put it out of reach. Newton was sacked six times, tossed around like rag doll.”

Here are the highlights of the game:

The Cutest One-Year-Old Snowboarder [VIDEO]

The weather has been crazy lately but you know what they say, when life give you lemons, make a lemonade. So when there’s lots of snow, you gotta make the most out of it. And this 1 year old definitely made the most out of it! This video features Zeke, snowboarding at Appalachian Ski Mountain and Copper Mountain before his 2nd Birthday(22-23months). What do you think about babies doing snow sports?

5 Upcoming Technologies in 2016: Yay! Or Nay!? You Judge!

Every year brings about a tide of new products designed to make man’s life simpler and easier. 2016 is no different. Here are 5 of this year’s early upcoming technologies. Are they a genius or what? You decide!

Ili Wearable Translator [Logbar]

I got interested with this one the first time I saw its advert video come up in a social media site. From a Japanese start-up that had a rough beginning [it once produced what was called “the worst product ever made”], ili Wearable Translator boasts of translating languages real-time, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi needed. Currently, though, it can only do three languages — English, Chinese and Japanese.

It looks similar to an iPod shuffle and can be worn by the users around the neck. To use, the user has to hold down a button and speak. Upon releasing that button, the  ili Wearable Translator translates what was said in the chosen language, may it be English, Japanese or Chinese.

Though many admit that the product concept is amazing, many cried outrage over its ad declaring it “tasteless”. Watch it below and see if you agree to the outcry.

Anyway, the ili Wearable Translator is expected to have a 24-hour battery life and will be priced around 200 US dollars [$200]. It will be out come March to April with its creators planning to add French, Korean, Thai, Italian, Spanish and Arabic languages in its roost of languages in the near future.

World’s most elaborate soda machine requires 175 steps! [VIDEO]

Soda Machines are meant to be easy, convenient, fast.  You walk up, insert your money and BOOM a soda appears for you to enjoy. This is the case nearly 100% of the time, but not this time. This elaborate soda machine will keep you watching for 3 minutes and 52 seconds till it vends and the customer gets to enjoy his beverage.

Stay Focused as you watch this awesome video and be amazed at what was built!

Every Kid has wanted to build something so big, and we all have tried building similar things with our dominoes. Even though we are older now here at LOL we now have the urge to try this for ourselves.

Amazing Thread Painting [VIDEO]

Painting is a passion. It requires patience and a whole lot of talent to produce a great piece. But this person totally takes away the trophy! What an awesome painting using a thread! Watch the video and be amazed.

9 Dads Who Dominate At Parenting [VIDEO]

Dads are amazing. They’re fun and makes babysitting look easy. They create ways we never thought are possible and they do it flawlessly. Being a parent is hard so we’re hats off to these dads who dominate at parenting. To all the awesome dads out there, this one’s for you! Dad #3 is definitely our favorite!