8 Tasty Desserts To Use Leftover Halloween Candies!

Do you still have tons of candy left from Halloween? Maybe you bought way too much candy for those cute trick-or-treaters and you don’t want to give your kids all the leftovers or you just can’t eat more candy after eating a handful. Instead of throwing them away or eating them just as is, why not turn them into tasty desserts that you can share with your friends and family! Here are amazing desserts that you can make from your halloween candy stash!

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Sally’s Baking Addiction has a great idea of making Snickers Chocolate Cupcakes that your kids will enjoy! Check the recipe right here.

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Have a break, have a kitkat bar! These no-bake chocolate peanut butter kitkat crunch bar is the perfect dessert for the whole family! Not to mention easy! Visit Averie Cooks for the awesome recipe.

Kansas City Royals Win The World Series Against The New York Mets!

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Kansas City Royals

Congratulations Royals!!! 30 years after 1985, a year after they lost Game 7, the Royals are the World Series champions again with a final score of 7-2 against the New York Mets.

Game Spotlight: “Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain blooped a single to right field in the first inning to extend his streak of reaching base safely in the postseason to 20 consecutive games. Cain also stole his fifth and sixth bases of the 2015 postseason, breaking the previous Royals’ record of four shared by Alex Gordon, Amos Otis and Willie Wilson,” according to ESPN.


Star-Studded World Premiere Of New 007 Movie Spectre in London (Pictures)

Last monday night, stars and royals gathered for the latest James Bond movie premiere in London. When we say royals, we really meant the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, who were accompanied by Prince Harry as well. The Royal Albert Hall, which the world premiere took place, were full of fans lined up outside to get a glimpse of the celebrities and royals. Congratulations Daniel Craig on a great performance, as always, in the movie!

Here are fun facts every James Bond fan should know:

Fun Fact #1

What does SPECTRE stand for? Special Executive for Counterintelligence Terrorism Revenge and Extortion!


Fun Fact #2

Roger Moore, one of the actors who played James Bond, suffers from hoplophobia. And before you google what it means, hoplophobia is a fear of firearms!


Fun Fact #3

Sean Connery wore a “TOUPEE” in all his bond movies. (Gotta admit he looked extra sexy with that hair!)


Fun Fact #4

James Bond is fluent in Italian, French, German and Russian, is conversant with Spanish, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese, & has a degree in Oriental languages. Talk about multilingual!


Fun Fact #5

Hugh Jackman, Cary Grant, Liam Neeson, Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds are the actors who turned down the Bond movie. Some of them believed that the actor who should play James Bond have to be British!


7 Delicious But Scary Looking Snacks For Halloween Parties!

It’s Halloween time ya’ll and that means halloween parties are just around the corner! If you’re looking for fun recipes that will scare off your guests but will leave them wanting for more when they get to try it, then look no further. While most foods served in halloween are sweet stuff, savory and salty foods are great options to include in your menu as well. We’re pretty sure your guests will enjoy these easy party recipes ’cause really, who doesn’t like a spooky treat?


Ruffles and Truffles have the best idea for a scary centerpiece on your table! They call it “Meat Head” and everything is definitely edible! Check out the recipe here.


Finger foods are always a great idea when thinking about snack ideas and this time, we mean literally! Cook Like A Champion has this delicious recipe of Cheddar Witches’ Fingers that you shouldn’t miss out on!


How cute are these mini Jack-O-Lanterns? They’re too cute to eat and the kids will surely find these very appetizing! Visit Apron Strings for the recipe and instructions.


Mummies are scary. Mummy dogs on the other hand are yummy! This snack idea is one of the popular dishes out there but it never gets old. It’s easy to make that your kids can help you cook this one! Our Best Bite has the no-fuss recipe of Mummy Dogs.


So this looks a bit gooey and bloody but these “Nightmare-Worthy Bloody Raspberry Monster Eyeballs” are made of coconut truffles! Tricky isn’t it? Here’s the bloody recipe!


Sandwiches are another snack idea that’s easy and filling so for your Halloween party, take your sammich to a whole new spooky level by using a black bread! Your vegan friends would love this! (Yes, it’s vegan!) You can find the recipe right here.


This is the halloween version of gyoza and we gotta say, we’re impressed! For a colorful and delicious filling, use carrots and beef, as the color goes well with the black wrapper also. One Green Planet has the awesome recipe of this Dark Yaki Gyoza!

There you have it, seven halloween food recipes that your guests will enjoy and before we forget to say it, Happy Halloween Blabbers!

Halloween Makeup Tutorials (VIDEO)

Halloween time is coming! A few more days and everyone can dress up with whatever they want whether a scary costume or makeup. Halloween costumes are easy to find since most stores sell them but pulling off a great halloween makeup can be very hard, especially if you’re not gifted with putting on makeup. While this is not the time to look fabulous like a celebrity, creating a scary face can be complicated. That’s why we’ve gathered the best halloween makeup tutorials from the makeup gurus in Youtube that offers step by step guide on how to achieve different halloween looks! (The Queen of Darkness tutorial is definitely one of our best bet looks this year!)

Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Queen of Darkness Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Harley Quinn DC Comics Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Melting Barbie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Bloody Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

7 Famous Actresses In Their Prime: Then And Now!

These 7 famous actresses reminds us that beauty is timeless. Even with the rising young stars, these celebrities still proves that you can get better with age (we’re looking at you Helen Mirren!).  Here they are at their prime!

Raquel Welch

1 raquel wlech

She was known for her role in the movie Fantastic Voyage (1966) and was No. 2 in “Hottest Women of All Time” according to Men’s Health last 2011. At 75, we still think she’s hot!

Video: Miss Tres Singing Group Shocks Everyone With Their Performance!

Singing trio Miss Tres is a group of singers/entertainers from the Philippines who gave a big surprise not only to the judges but also to the audience. Don’t be deceived by their cute and sexy looks, they have something more jaw-dropping than being pretty! Watch to find out what! We’re sure you’d be laughing a few seconds in the video, ’cause we did!

Top 10 Best Hobbies For Men


We live in a world where most people are trapped doing the same routine everyday: sleep, eat and work. Throw in a little bit of romance and a whole lot of sitting in front of a television. It can hardly be called living. It is important to find a balance in life and not just become another individual who lives for the sake of living. Men are tagged as alpha males which is why being well-rounded is a must. And this is why every guy should develop hobbies. This doesn’t only improve your skills but it can have an impact in your life and eventually help you become a happier man.

There are lots of benefits in developing hobbies, not only will you find work and life balance but it can make you an more interesting person as well. Hobbies are just as important as exercising as it gives you satisfaction and enjoyment in life. If you want to live a happier life, here are 10 best hobbies for men that you can start doing today!