Little Girl Has A Funny Reaction To ‘Jaws’ Theme Music [VIDEO]

Movie soundtracks are usually very popular because they can make a good movie better especially if they are at par with the scenes. While this cute girl is not watching “Jaws”, the movie’s them music was played and she has this adorable reaction that’s funny! Like other people comments on the video, we hope this moment was captured in a landscape mode! But then again, it’s a great moment captured on video, we can’t complain.

Little Boy Says Food Is Too Cute To Eat [VIDEO]

Kids are cute. They usually say things seriously that comes out really funny. For this little boy, he doesn’t want to eat his food because it looks”too cute”. Awww. This cutie made our hearts melt and at the same time made us laugh especially when he asked his mom not to make his food look so cute! Just the cutest thing ever!

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Speech (Jimmy Fallon) [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon is a funny guy. But he gets even funnier when he impersonates Donald Trump! His expressions, gestures and jokes are on point and way too hilarious! You shouldn’t miss this video that garnered more than 100,000 after it was aired yesterday! On a side note, who’s your favorite Presidential candidate?

Dog Scared By Fart [VIDEO]

Strange sounds that are unfamiliar to us usually scares us. And it’s the same for this cute dog. He looks so comfy until he hears a fart sound. This video gained more than 2 million views today!

Girl Teaches Her Dog To Meow [VIDEO]

Dogs and cats. Dogs like cats. Dog sounding like a cat? Cause throw and fetch is too mainstream for this dog! Watch how cute as it says “meow” twice!

Is Justin Bieber’s Music Evolution Making a Belieber out of You?

When my Facebook wall exploded with feeds and statuses about Justin Bieber’s performance of his newly released single What Do You Mean during the 2015 VMAs and how good the actual song was, it piqued my interest. And when a longtime friend posted through Facebook that she was fast becoming a Belieber because of Bieber’s new songs, it prompted me to check Biebs’ new music myself.

I have never been a Justin Bieber [a Belieber] fan. My song knowledge when it comes to him is limited to his Baby single which my then barely three-year-old son and nephew belted out and danced to. His music catered to teenage girls [and okay, boys] and since I am way past my teenage years, I see no point listening to songs which, I think, mostly talks about juvenile love and heartbreak. I like his life story, though — how he came to be discovered as a music artist. I see in his story a dedication of a single mother who’s proud of her son’s talent and got just that . . . the world recognizing that, indeed, her son got something she should really be proud of. The fact that Justin Bieber got discovered through Youtube just showed how powerful social media, media-sharing sites and the internet, in general, are. If I am not mistaken, his discovery led the slew of other Youtube discoveries [Greyson Chance, Karmin, Psy and the likes, everyone?], too, with the site catapulted to being a platform for showcasing talents [and, yes, being abused in that context].

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The many bad news about him in the past recent years even cemented my low opinion of him. In the steps of Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus was another bratty young star who let fame get inside his head. If Justin made it to the news, it wasn’t about his music but about the latest antic he did [and though not a fan, it’s hard not to hear about them as majority of the entertainment news portals in the internet spoke about them].

So, the news about his VMAs appearance came really as a surprise. But him making grown-up music isn’t.

His transition from his kiddie pop crooning days to what he is now started two years back — in 2013. But those times were the height of all his legal troubles. Everyone else was focused on that and everything else he was doing, including on working out his music career, was scarcely noticed. His Baby single featured a Justin Bieber who can still hit high notes. This changed, however, when he hit puberty. In fact, he admitted to his changing voice and inability to hit the high notes he was able to sing without difficulty before in an interview.

I believe that Justin Bieber and his team experimented with music [check out his music compilation entitled Journals] before settling on to something that played his strengths which, obviously, wasn’t R&B. Good thing that the tide within the music world is also changing. EDM [Electronic Dance Music] is on the rise and that is what Bieber’s genre is now — EDM-influenced pop. Unlike R&B, EDM pop allows him to skim through beats without belting out. It’s a perfect fit for his breathy voice.

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His new songs are quite catchy and upbeat. Aside from that, the lyrics dwell on more than just the teenage angst, love and heartbreak – themes that dominated his earlier works. And listening to some of his songs now, I find I am enjoying them and actually singing in with the tracks.

Am I already a Belieber? Nope. I just think that Biebs just found his musical home in the genre he is now. This and the growing up that his recent run-ins with trouble brought him contributed greatly to his maturity as a musician.

How about you? Is Justin Bieber’s new music making a Belieber out of you?

Dad Throws Giant Snowball at Kid [VIDEO]

Being a parent is not easy. But it also comes with a lot of perks (fun too!). And this dad might just have too much fun being a parent! Snowsports are fun, but throwing giant snowballs can be so much more! Watch this video and find out why it’s gained 1.2 million views on YouTube!

10 Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day!

To honor Valentine’s Day which we celebrated a few days ago, with love and lots of chocolates, here are 14 fun facts connected to it and its celebration.

This year, the world celebrated the 479th Valentine’s Day! It was way back in 1537 when February 14 was officially declared the day of St. Valentine’s – a holiday, by the way – by King Henry VII.

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American Bald Eagle Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

Ever since I was a kid, most, if not all, pictures of the american bald eagle I have seen were always from the side view. And because pictures of it looked so good I didn’t really think about looking for pictures of it in a front view. And this might just be the reason why!

This is the American Bald Eagle we’re used to seeing:

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Good morning! Or is it? Looks like somebody is having a bad hair day!

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Why so serious?!

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We don’t want to make them angry! Nope, we don’t!

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It’s the last but definitely the cutest!

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Curious Bald Eagle

Mom vs Triplets + Toddler [VIDEO]

They say it’s not easy being a mother. And it’s really not. One kid is hard enough, two can be a handful but triplets with a toddler? This supermom made it look so easy changing her 8-month old triplets and hyperactive toddler! Kudos to this mom!

10 Lessons We Only Learn from Getting Our Hearts Broken

A few more days and it’s Valentine’s Day! But for those who are mending a broken heart this season, don’t fret! There are actually things we can learn from getting our hearts broken.

Learn to love yourself. When you love, you have to learn to keep a little love for yourself and not give it all to the person you’re in love to. If you do, chances are you’ll end up very broken when things don’t work out and you have to go your separate ways.

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Maid of Honour Raps her Speech to ‘ICE ICE BABY’ at her sister’s wedding! AMAZING! [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard about wedding singers, and even ringers but have you heard the latest buzz about the wedding rapper? One woman, who was the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding, delivered a very unique way of wedding toast. It looked like a traditional wedding toast in the beginning of the video but the crowd went laughing and cheering when she started rapping! Her rhyming is contagious! If you listen closely to the lyrics, you’ll know why they couldn’t help but laugh!

Broncos Win Super Bowl 50!

A lot of Broncos fans, and probably the players as well, are still celebrating their win. Cam Newton, which was named the league’s Most Valuable Player, sadly wasn’t so invincible when the entire Denver Broncos beat him in the biggest game of all, the Super Bowl! Thumbs up to Broncos’ defense against Carolina Panthers which ended with a 24-10 score!

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According to Yahoo!, “It was the Broncos’ defense, not the Peyton Manning offense that was most responsible for Denver’s points. A Miller sack and strip of Newton in the first quarter was recovered in the end zone by Jackson to give Denver a 10-0 lead and set the tone that this was a different level than Carolina had seen. The game was capped by another Miller strip of Newton that set the Broncos up on Carolina’s 4-yard line. C.J. Anderson scored a few plays later to put it out of reach. Newton was sacked six times, tossed around like rag doll.”

Here are the highlights of the game:

Dancing El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies [VIDEO]

El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputies are bustin’ a move in Colorado Springs was how they describe their video on YouTube. And I couldn’t have said it any better!!! They might get you to dance with their super moves too!

2016 Hair Trends For Men: Slick, Side-Part, Hair on Top!

Here’s what’s in store for men when it comes to hair trends and styles this year.

RIP Man Bun

According to A-list stylists for men, man bun will fortunately “die” this year.

Ever since Jared Leto put the man bun in the men’s fashion scene, I had hoped nobody would pick the style up. This may sound like gender bias or gender racism [if there’s one] but I just couldn’t see anything manly with hair in a bun. I’ll always associate bunned hair with females — our usual scape route when our hair is long and the day gets too hot or we’re on a lazy mode to do our hair or we’re just having a real bad hair day.

But then, they did! That time on, I had hoped it would die. And that time had come so it’s one more reason to love 2016!

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If Google Was A Guy (Part 5) [VIDEO]

College Humor published a video “If Google was a Guy” and it became a hit! Here’s Part 5 of the video series and trust us, you can relate to it!!! You might be laughing the next time you search in Google!