Monday Memes! [UPDATED]

Forget those Monday Blues, It’s time for those Monday Memes. Every Monday we will be adding to this post so come back and see what new one’s we have found for you guys to share.

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April 11th




Beautiful Artwork on Beautiful Canvas

We would expect all canvas to be very similar, a Blank slate for an artist to create their visions. However in some cases an artist gets an advantage and begins with a canvas that is already beautiful and adds to it. We have searched for these Beauties and have found what we believe are some of the finer works of art, on some of the top canvases we have ever seen. Enjoy the artwork and please share any that you like!

Tattoos and Beauties



Amazing Military Women of the World

Women have had a long history of essential roles in the military and have just, over the last few decades, really moved into pivotal roles in protecting our worlds nations. Not only are these women taking risk to protect our nations, they also look AMAZING in action and when it comes to women in the military there is nothing better than seeing them sporting their camouflage and staring down the barrel of an m-16. Take a look at some of the beautiful women of our worlds most respected Armed Forces!

We Salute You!

world military 21


What would you do with 700 million – This guy gives greatest answer!

Powerball jackpot is growing and growing and is at an estimated 700 million dollars. We all think about what we would do if we won the jackpot, buy a house, new car, pay bills, but this man gives the greatest answer when he was proposed the question. Sir, what would you do if you won the Jackpot?

Check out the video below from Worldstarhiphop and see what he would use it for!

What happens when Santa hooks kids to Lie Detectors

Not sure how any of us would do on a Lie detector test, but imagine the indecision you would have as a kid if Santa was about to question you. You know you need to be good to make the list, but you also have done a few things that would put you on the naughty list. How would you answer?

Well let’s see how these kids answered!

Star Wars in 99 Seconds

We recently found this youtube page named Paint which is actually Jonathan Charles Cozart who is an American Youtuber. He has a large following and does alot of videos that gain a ton of views but this one caught our attention since we love Star Wars. Paint sings a 99 second recap of Star Wars – check that video out below and if you want to see more about him click here.

18 Pictures that prove Dog shows aren’t boring

I know some of us catch a part of the yearly Dog show on TV and are very used to the proper dog handlers (the one’s that walk the dogs around ring). They are all dressed up, and walk as perfectly as the dogs themselves. But, did you know that there are an enormous amount of dog shows across the world every year and they are not all as “proper”. Along the next few pages you will see pictures that prove dog shows aren’t boring.

Take a look and see what we mean!

Best Dressed?


What a Drag!



Ugly Ducklings Who Turned Into Hollywoods Hottest Swans!

Do you remember your favorite child stars? ‘Cause we sure do! Who would’ve known these Ugly Ducklings would grow up to be hot and sexy celebrities! You’ll know what we mean as you browse through the gallery.¬†(You gotta see the last slide, she’s definitely our favorite!)


Daniel Curtis Lee


Daniel is best known as Simon Nelson-Cook from the Nickolodeon series¬†Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and now, at 24, he has our attention with his comedy flair and rap music!

Baby Swings + Big Kids = Stuck

We just found a video of firefighters saving a a kid from a baby swing and it made us wonder how often this happens. Turns out it happens more often then we ever thought as we found 10 instances caught on tape within minutes. Some are longer than they need to be but it is truly amazing how many have gotten stuck and even though I blame the individual the baby swing itself makes it very difficult to pull yourself out.

Bet you can’t get out of a baby swing ;) and don’t forget to send us the video, LOL


Lil Amok & BBoy Snoop Firework Celebration

LIL AMOK & BBOY SNOOP went crazy on this one but made one of the coolest videos to celebrate NYE2014. Usually we would see some kids playing with fireworks and it turns into a complete disaster but these guys pulled off a clean firework stunt that we had to share.

Hope we bring you a smile and share with your favorite friends!

White Rabbit Defies Death!

I’m not sure how he survived but this is one courageous rabbit. He runs full steam into an avalanche, like he has done it a million times, and I would write more but you got to just watch this rabbit as he defies death.

This guy makes Bagpipes COOL! Yea we said it!

In 100 years we would of never thought we would say the words “Cool Bagpipes” but this street performer has totally made it possible to.

He is not only the coolest bagpiper we have ever seen, he may be one of the best street performers we have ever witnessed. You have to watch it to believe it and if you agree he is awesome please share it with your friends!

Do you have good Gaydar?

Everyone has heard the term Gaydar and plenty of people think they have it. That person may be a friend, a co-worker, yourself but whoever it may be here is a test to show whether you can actually tell if someone is Gay!

On the following pages we will show images of celebrities and below it you can answer Straight or Gay, find out if you have Gaydar.

Gay or Straight?


What do you think?

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Cats Vs Cucumbers

We all love animal videos but this one really caught our attention. There have been a few of these circling around that are very similar so we picked one to share. What makes these so entertaining is the extravagant reactions that these felines have to a cucumber, a stationary cucumber that is. Now we may enjoy these cats antics but these videos have created some backlash which can be read here.. Either way enjoy the video!

So we bring you Cat Vs. Cucumber!

Hope we bring you a smile and share with your favorite friends!

Louisville Swim Team takes Boredom and Makes Magic!

We all get bored awaiting our flights to board and I know for myself I just end up eating or surfing the web for something interesting. The Louisville swim team is a lot more motivated then I as they didn’t seek out something entertaining they created the entertainment and boy did they create viral gold!

Watch what they did to pass the time!

The Polite Robber gets Arrested! [VIDEO]

The polite robber went viral, but his politeness led to his ultimate demise. His extremely polite robber amazed so many people causing it to be shared so much that he got himself identified and led to his arrest. If you missed the video you can check it out below as it is truly amazing!

Do you think the polite robber should be treated any differently than any other robber?